The Ford family is no stranger to the Charbray seed stock industry. Stan Ford founded Wattlebra Charolais in 1972 before moving into the Charbray breed in 1978 with Eric and Joan Ford as EJ Charbrays.

Bulls were sold annually at the National Charbray Sale from 1980 to the year 2000 – one of their biggest highlights was selling EJ Charbrays 121 in 1988 for $12 500. EJ Charbrays enjoyed success at numerous carcass competitions as well as local and feature shows in the 1990’s. Eric’s passion for the breed found him being involved as a councillor for 10 years and President of the Charbray Society from 1994 to 1997.

The decision was made to sell the Kingaroy property and the breeding herd was run on agistment properties at Muttaburra, Jericho and Proston before Trevor and Lolita purchased “Oakleigh” at Darr creek via Chinchilla in 2003. A transition back into breeding registered bulls for the National Charbray sale began after purchasing Colinta Alberto in 2006.

The Ford family then made its return in 2009 to the National Charbray Sale under the Wattlebray Charbrays prefix which was registered by Trevor in 1995.
Recent success includes the 2015 National Charbray Sale selling Wattlebray Jericho to “Emjay” Stud for $19 000, all six lots sold for an impressive $9416 average.

Wattlebray expanded in 2016 with the addition of “Lone Starr” a Brigalow block 35km NE of Chinchilla which will now form the base of the bull breeding operation with breeders being run on the existing properties.

The 2016 National Charbray Sale was also another great success selling both top and second top priced bulls both being polled C6 sires for $20 000 and $18 000, all seven lots sold for a $9142 average.

Wattlebray Marshall sold to “Greenfields” Charbrays at the 2018 National Charbray Sale for the sale top price of $24 000.

Wattlebray Marshall (SC)

Wattlebray Marshall (SC) (top price of the sale) sold to Les & Anne Marshall of “Greenfields” Stud at the 2018 National Charbray Sale for $24 000.

Wattlebray Kidman P

Wattlebray Kidman P (top price of the sale) sold to Cherie Gooding of “Marlegoo” Stud at the 2016 National Charbray Sale for $20 000.

Wattlebray Kinsman P

Wattlebray Kinsman P ( 2nd top price of sale) sold to Pat Bredhauer of “Acton” Stud at the 2016 National Charbray Sale for $18 000.

Wattlebray Jericho

Wattlebray Jericho sold to Michael Connolly of “Emjay ” Stud at the 2015 National Charbray Sale for $19 000.

Wattlebray 264/3

Wattlebray 264/3 sold to the Welsh family “Huntington” stud at the 2014 National Charbray Sale for $8000.

Wattlebray 244/2

Wattlebray 244/2 sold to Anthony and Kylie Curtis of “Wellcamp” stud at the 2013 National Charbray Sale for $7500.